The Outer Worlds (PC)

I picked up The Outer Worlds shortly after it launched. Played through it during a week of vacation.


I was a huge Fallout New Vegas fan. This game is intended to be a spiritual successor, so I had high hopes for a new action RPG single player experience with a deep story and lots of opportunities for character customization.


Overall the gameplay was very similar to what I was expecting. Interesting places to explore, solid weapon mechanics and different ways to tweak my character.

Graphics and sound were solid. Nothing spectacular but I didn't find them distracting.

One thing that stood out for me playing through this game, was the lack of bugs. I only encountered one real issue, that was resolved by re-loading a save. The whole gameplay experience felt cohesive and polished.


The writing in the game is excellent. There are several companions in this game, and you can have up to two join you during the campaign. They have different personalities that contribute to the overall story and branching dialog options.

Character customization

The companions that add to the story and dialog also add to the character customization. Different companions can add increased damage, defence, etc when they're travelling with you.


I did like the base building in Fallout 4, nothing like that exists in this game, but I can understand why that wasn't added. It seems like the developers were focusing on adding polish on core aspects.

One thing I didn't expect, was that there was no big over-world like a true open world game. This game has a lot of large maps, interconnected by spaceship flights. Again, not terrible, and the maps did look nice.


Overall, a very solid and fun game with nice character customization and a great story, Lived up to my expectations, 9/10.