Conan Exiles (PC)

Conan Exiles is an open world crafting and building game. I like to play these games on easy, and just chill out base building / grinding for resources.

The good

Something I wasn't expecting, this game doesn't appear to have a fast travel system, or any way to see location markers outside of the full-screen map. This made traversing the environment a lot more satisfying compared to other games, as I was actually plotting a course and avoiding enemies.

Building mechanics are pretty good, on par with what I expected from a building/crafting game. Similar to every other one I've played.

The meh

The graphics are okay. There were a lot of weird graphical glitches. Passable at best.

Combat takes some getting used to. I'll press a button and my character will do something for four or five seconds before I regain control. It feels clunky...  however maybe that's the intent, as the weapons I'm using are pretty heavy.

The bad

There is apparently a plot to this game. However, I have yet to know what I'm supposed to be doing or where I should be going. It kind of bugs me that I have absolutely no direction or way to plan for later parts of the game.


Conan Exiles is scratching the itch I get for games of this type. It's comparable to 7 Days to Die. I can see myself putting in a decent amount of hours just building stuff and leveling up my character.

Monopoly Family Fun Pack (PS4)

This is the perfect game to just chill out with when I'm tired.

Monopoly Family Fun Pack has a few different versions of Monopoly, I stuck to the classic one. The game is exactly what you'd expect, a polished implementation of the board game.

You can customize all the usual rules, and if you're on PS4 can use the PS4 Second Screen app to control the game. They've got a nice GUI for it... I didn't even know this was possible.

Overall very solid. My only gripe would be the trading system is slightly clunky, but other than that, definitely getting a lot of enjoyment out of this purchase! 9/10

Far Cry 5 (PS4)

Far Cry New Dawn recently came out, and as a promotion on the PSN store, Far Cry 5 went on sale for $15, so I bought both of them.

First impressions

I have never beaten a Far Cry game before. The series has been around forever, but there are lots of other games out there to play and I just never got around to it.

I started playing New Dawn, but about thirty minutes in, thought maybe I should play through the previous game before exploring... as some of the NPC dialog wasn't making any sense story wise.

So, I loaded up Far Cry 5. First impressions of both games were that they are running on a pretty good engine, and the graphics don't look too bad. They're not spectacular, other games have graphics that are just as good or better.

Five hours in

At this point, it's very apparent that the story is hamfisted. The shooting mechanics are pretty satisfying. The perk system and weapon customization, while very shallow offer at least some character customization.

Ten hours in

The story is getting really bad at this point. I'm getting warped into cutscenes that make little to no sense, and the villains speak... but nothing of consequence is really said. Friendly NPCs are boring to interact with. All of the story is just a vehicle to deliver missions that involve killing a bunch of people at a base. It's still pretty fun.

Something I thought was cool was the companion system. Although they speak a lot which can get annoying, sometimes they'd do some cool stuff like get into vehicles by themselves and follow me around. I found one that had an RPG and stuck with her for much of the game. Lots of explosions.

Sixteen hours in

I've beaten the game by now. The ending was terrible. Character customization and the occasional interesting open world interactions were really all that kept me going.


I feel like if Ubisoft fired all the story writers, and just built more cool systems to interact with in their open world, the game would be be more fun.

Overall it was satisfying though, and I got my $15 out of the deal. A solid 6/10. I'll likely play through New Dawn, but I've had my fill of Far Cry for at least a few months.