Conan Exiles (PC)

Conan Exiles is an open world crafting and building game. I like to play these games on easy, and just chill out base building / grinding for resources.

The good

Something I wasn't expecting, this game doesn't appear to have a fast travel system, or any way to see location markers outside of the full-screen map. This made traversing the environment a lot more satisfying compared to other games, as I was actually plotting a course and avoiding enemies.

Building mechanics are pretty good, on par with what I expected from a building/crafting game. Similar to every other one I've played.

The meh

The graphics are okay. There were a lot of weird graphical glitches. Passable at best.

Combat takes some getting used to. I'll press a button and my character will do something for four or five seconds before I regain control. It feels clunky...  however maybe that's the intent, as the weapons I'm using are pretty heavy.

The bad

There is apparently a plot to this game. However, I have yet to know what I'm supposed to be doing or where I should be going. It kind of bugs me that I have absolutely no direction or way to plan for later parts of the game.


Conan Exiles is scratching the itch I get for games of this type. It's comparable to 7 Days to Die. I can see myself putting in a decent amount of hours just building stuff and leveling up my character.

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