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In this blog I'll be writing about single player games.

About Me

I'm in my thirties, with a stressful job. Video games are how I relax. My preference is slower paced open world games, that let the player progress towards various goals at their own speed.

At the end of a game, I like to feel some sense of accomplishment and impact, so games with base building mechanics or some type of 'power curve' are my favorite.

Sometimes though, I do like the occasional railroad-ey FPS or action adventure game.

Why start a blog about single player games?

I don't have time to 'get gud' at multiplayer games. In my younger days, I did play multiplayer games but over time they've lost their appeal. Also, it seems like these days most game publishers shovel out multiplayer games in lieu of actually developing any content. An example is Fallout 76, I've played through Fallout 3, NV, and 4... but have zero interest in 76.


That's it for my intro. Thanks for visiting

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