Tetris Effect (PS4)

My first experiences with Tetris were in the early 1990's. I played the arcade version sometimes, but I did buy an original Gameboy and a copy of Tetris from a local used game store. This was my only game for a while as a kid.

I was never great at it, but I did end up beating the Gameboy version, and have a lot of nostalgic memories related to long family car rides... squinting at that green screen.

I haven't played much since then. When I bought Tetris Effect, I had no idea of the different game mechanics that made their way into the game over the years. Things like T-Spins and the 7bag randomizer.


My Tetris play style is based on the classic version. Learning the new gameplay mechanics has been  challenging but also very satisfying. It's a great feeling when you're able to spot opportunities to create a sweet T-Spin, with the help of a held block and the 7bag randomizer. It adds a new level of strategic depth to the game that is super fun.

The visuals and audio in this game are spectacular. Progress and player speed impact the soundtrack and visuals in a meaningful and immersive way, with line clears and block rotations creating cool effects. These mechanics add a great layer of immersion that compliments the excellent gameplay.


There are almost no negative aspects to this game. The only one I can think of, and this is a very small issue, sometimes the particle effects are slightly distracting.


I love this game. It has just the right amount of nostalgia and cool new game mechanics, combined with excellent audio and visuals.


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